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It is the policy of the Blairstown Township Police Department to accept and investigate all allegations of officer misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen. Anyone, including anonymous sources, juveniles, undocumented persons, and persons in custody may file a complaint at any time, either in person, in writing, through email, or over the telephone. There is a link below on this page titled, “E-Mail Internal Affairs” which will allow you to contact our Internal Affairs Investigator directly if you choose. You may use this link to file a complaint, or to simply contact our investigator with any questions you may have. 

The Blairstown Township Police Department’s Internal Affairs policy is followed in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Internal Affairs Policy and Procedure, which must be adhered to by every police agency in the state. In order to fulfill that policy, located here are the necessary forms and information to answer any questions that a citizen may have regarding the process. A citizen may make a report of officer misconduct or wrongdoing by following the instructions listed below:

  1. Citizens may to respond to police headquarters and speak with a supervisor about filing their complaint. If citizens are unable to appear in person, there are numerous other options outlined below. 
  2. Regardless of how the complaint is received, the complaint will be accepted regardless of the hour or day of the week.
  3. Citizens will be asked to complete an Internal Affairs Complaint Form, which will include as much descriptive information about the complaint that the citizen can provide. It is not mandatory that the report be completed, but it will assist in a complete and thorough investigation by the Internal Affairs Office. 
  4. If the citizen cannot make the complaint in person, a representative from the police department can be assigned to visit the individual at his/her home, place of business or another reasonable location to complete the report. Citizens can also file complaints telephonically by contacting the Internal Affairs Investigator via phone at 908-362-7668. If the citizen wishes to make their complaint via email, they can utilize the link below on this page. 
  5. Citizens may make the report anonymously. When this occurs, it makes it very difficult for the Internal Affairs Investigator to ask follow up questions or obtain further information. 
  6. After a complaint is received by the department, it will be forwarded to the Internal Affairs Investigator of the Blairstown Township Police Department for investigation. The investigator will immediately inform the Police Chief upon receipt of a complaint.
  7. The citizen can ask to be notified upon completion of the Internal Affairs Investigation. 

While every member of the Blairstown Township Police Department is trained in the proper reception and handling of citizen complaints, the citizen may contact the Chief of Police directly if they feel it is necessary or if they have any additional questions. Please see the links below for additional resources.

Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Arabic
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Chinese
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Haitan
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Hindi
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Korean
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Polish
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Portuguese
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Spanish
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Tagalog
Civilian Complaint Information Sheet – Vietnamese

Internal Affairs Report Form – English
Internal Affairs Report Form – Arabic
Internal Affairs Report Form – Chinese
Internal Affairs Report Form – Haitian
Internal Affairs Report Form – Hindi
Internal Affairs Report Form – Korean
Internal Affairs Report Form – Polish
Internal Affairs Report Form – Portuguese
Internal Affairs Report Form – Spanish
Internal Affairs Report Form – Tagalog
Internal Affairs Report Form – Vietnamese

Early Warning SOP
Random Drug Testing SOP

E-Mail Internal Affairs