Criminal Investigation Division


Criminal Investigation Division Detectives conduct investigations dealing with all major crimes. These crimes include, but are not limited to, sexual assaults, aggravated assaults, burglaries, robberies, thefts, bias crimes, child abuse allegations, fire investigations, white collar crimes, missing persons, computer-related crimes, suspicious deaths and illegal narcotics activity. The Criminal Investigation Division assists the Patrol Division with initial investigations and crime scenes.

Investigative Division members process all crime scenes for forensic evidence and photograph the scene for future reference in Court proceedings. In the course of an investigation, Investigative Division members regularly prepare, apply for and execute search warrants. They also take video and audio taped interviews from victims, witnesses and suspects.

Background investigations to determine the suitability for employment within the Police Department are also conducted by Investigative Division members as well as any other additional special investigations as assigned by the Officer In Charge.

Investigative Division members are responsible for background investigations of persons attempting to obtain or transfer liquor licenses to ensure that the applicant is qualified to be licensed according to New Jersey State Statutes. These investigations include background inquires, fingerprinting and obtaining documents and completed applications for final review by the Blairstown Township Committee.

The Investigative Division also maintains records and identification information on all of the Megan’s Law registrants that reside, attend school or are employed within the Township of Blairstown. The Investigative Division members routinely perform checks on registrants to verify that their address of record is where they are actually residing and will investigate any violations of Megan’s Law.

The Investigative Division maintains control and safekeeping of all property and evidence. This includes items that are lost and found, recovered stolen property and items that are seized as evidence of a criminal offense. Investigative Division members submit evidence to the New Jersey State Police laboratories for examination such as toxicology, presence of narcotics and DNA comparison. Latent fingerprints are submitted to the NJ State Police AFIS Unit for comparison. Evidence and property are disposed of in strict accordance with applicable NJ State Laws and Attorney General Guidelines.